Our Summer Camps offer unique experiences to help kids have fun and excel.

At the Caring People Alliance Clubs, we do whatever it takes to ensure all kids are on a path towards a Great Future, even in the summer. Unfortunately, some kids face challenges that threaten their ability to have positive summer experiences that could lead to a great start to the school year.  We provide kids with safe and fun summer experiences that give them the confidence to learn, explore, grow, and discover their passion. 

Why choose the Boys & Girls Clubs for Summer Camp?

No matter what summer looks like, our Club professionals are committed to doing whatever it takes to provide safe, fun, and educational summer programming for all of our members.

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R.W. Brown Club in North Philadelphia

1701 North 8th Street

Philadelphia, PA  19122-2807

West Philadelphia Club

5843-5855 Catharine Street

Philadelphia, PA 19143

South Philadelphia Club

2433 South 15th Street

Philadelphia, PA  19145