The Brian Dawkins Impact Foundation

Since 2019, the Brian Dawkins Impact Foundation has been investing in underserved communities, promoting the spiritual, mental and physical wellness of marginalized youth. The Foundation seeks to create transformative moments in the lives of young people who, though they may be impacted by hardship in other areas of their lives, retain the drive and passion to succeed. These positive experiences start a ripple effect, impacting families and communities that ultimately change all of our lives for the better. Spearheaded by former Eagles star and NFL Hall of Famer Brian Dawkins, the Impact Foundation has been able to make real, lasting change in communities in Philadelphia, PA and Jacksonville, FL, places that helped shape who Brian is today. Going forward, the Foundation will look to reach even more communities in order to drive more positive change in the world.

The Brian Dawkins Single Parent Families Program

Launching in early 2022, the Brian Dawkins Single Parent Families Program is designed to provide low-income single parents with the resources to support the well-being and attainment of their child.

The Single Parent Families Program will be solely administered by Caring People Alliance, and will be made possible by an initial $15,000 donation from the Brian Dawkins Impact Foundation. Caring People Alliance will make up to 30 grants for the children of low-income single parents, providing access to holistic education opportunities -whether they be academic, athletic, artistic, musical, vocational or related to mental wellbeing. Single parents are often doing superhero work and through this Program we want to provide additional support systems so that their children can take advantage of resources to strengthen their wellbeing, and help them get ahead in life. 

The Need

Philadelphia suffers higher rates of unemployment, poverty and violence, and lower literacy rates than equally sized U.S. municipalities. More than 37% of children live in poverty and 33% come from a single parent household [2010 U.S. Census]. Studies show that poverty is directly linked to low academic achievement, which means that educational opportunities are a vital means of helping families break generational cycles of immobility and poverty.

The Application Process

Grants will be made in two cycles (Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer). Caring People Alliance will be reaching out through their Boys & Girls Clubs and broader networks in West, North, and South Philadelphia.  Parents and young people who we believe are well placed to take advantage of this opportunity will be invited to apply.


*Most eligibility can be determined through an Income Tax Return or documents from public assistance program showing a single parent head of household, with child (applicant) listed as a dependent.

Use of Funds

Please note that this grant can only be paid directly to a service provider that you choose for your child (such as dance, tutoring, sports league), so the applicant must be able to identify, detail, and give the cost for the program/company they choose. You will not receive any funds directly. 

Ready to Apply?

For more information, or to find out how you can contribute to or partner with the Brian Dawkins Single Parent Families Program, please contact