Looking for a way to give back to the community and share your talents?

Volunteer at our Clubs and know that you are helping to positively influence the lives of Philadelphia's youth. From individuals to groups and corporate teams, our volunteers come from all walks of life and a variety backgrounds.

Volunteer Requirements

All volunteers, 18 years or older, interested in performing work virtually or on site will need to apply for and obtain the following before they begin volunteering with Caring People Alliance. These requirements are in accordance with the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services and the Office of Child Development and Early Learning. Reimbursement for the FBI clearance will be issued within 1 month of volunteer work with the organization.

  1. Pennsylvania Child Abuse Clearance (Free for Volunteers): https://www.compass.state.pa.us/CWIS/Public/Home (you will need to create and individual account).

  1. FBI Clearance ($22.60, Reimbursable within 1-month of Volunteering) (service code 1KG738).

  1. Pennsylvania Criminal Record Check for Volunteer Purposes Only (No Fee Involved) (Please Click the Record Check “For Volunteers Only")

  1. NSOR- National Sex Offender Registry Clearance (No Fee Involved) Please click on the NSOR verification application link and complete the NSOR application. When complete, please scan or mail application to indicated email or mailing address on the application. There is no fee associated with this application.

  1. Mandated Reported Training (No Fee Involved) This training can last up to 6-hours, depending on learning speed. We affirm our roles as mandated reporters and require all employees and volunteer complete this training.

  1. Health Assessment (On Regulated DHS Staff Health Assessment Form) Volunteers are required to get this done on the regulated form. No other forms of submissions will be accepted. A Separate Attachment for the TB (PPD) Test is acceptable. Assessment can be returned to cpa-info@caringpeoplealliance.org

  1. Code of Conduct Form Volunteers should read, sign, and return to cpa-info@caringpeoplealliance.org

Please note that each volunteer should be applying for Clearances “For Volunteer Purposes Only” They should not be applying for Clearances for Employment Purposes.

All Clearances/ Medical Documentation MUST be submitted before a volunteer begins with the organization. Any Volunteer that cannot satisfy these requirements prior to the beginning of their volunteer start date will need to have his/her start date pushed back until they can provide proof of documentation.

If you are 17 years old or younger and interested in volunteering, the only required form our agency requires is the Health Assessment.

If you are coordinating a group of volunteers through a School District, Agency, or any other Organization, the following will be required from the Organization:

  1. An Official Letter of Request on Company Letterhead asking for their group to Volunteer with the Agency Representative’s Signature (This should be the signature of the individual that will be ultimately responsible for the welfare of the volunteers while they are volunteering), the time span of desired volunteer work, the capacity to which the volunteer work will consist of, the dates and time the volunteer work will take place, and the preferred Caring People Alliance site.

  1. The following Ratio Must be abided by when bringing on a Volunteer GROUP: For Every 12 Volunteers Participating, 1 Adult Must be Responsible for their welfare.

Volunteer Application