About Us

Our Story

Welcome to Caring People Alliance, where we proudly operate three Boys & Girls Clubs strategically located in North, South, and West Philadelphia—areas where our support makes the greatest impact. While these facilities are known as Boys & Girls Clubs, they are much more than that; they are community center-shaped buildings that serve as vital hubs of activity.

At Caring People Alliance, we redefine the traditional Boys & Girls Club model. We keep our doors open as often as possible to serve a broader community. When school is in session, our Clubs become spaces for senior citizens to gather for meals and socialization. During the day, our fun learning environments host Pre-K programs, which are open year-round and free of charge. After school and throughout the summer, school-aged and high-school youth engage in skill-building activities, learning opportunities, recreation, and mentorship with positive role models. We extend our hours into the late evening to provide a safe haven and constructive activities that keep youth off the streets and focused on building their futures.

Our commitment goes beyond activities. Our kitchens serve nutritious meals—breakfast, lunch, and supper—amounting to nearly 150,000 meals each year.

We are more than your typical Boys & Girls Club organization; we've always aimed higher. While we are proud to be part of the Boys & Girls Clubs of America movement, we cater to a broader demographic, supporting entire families. This holistic approach defines who we are: Caring People Alliance—dedicated individuals changing lives within the walls of our three Boys & Girls Clubs.

Despite our impactful work, we often fly under the radar with donors and funders in Philadelphia. We are not affiliated with the larger Boys & Girls Club of Philadelphia, but we deliver comparable, if not more extensive, services across age groups and families. That's why we proudly embrace our identity as underdogs in fundraising—because Philadelphia loves an underdog.

Join us in making a difference. Together, we are Caring People Alliance, transforming communities and empowering futures.

Our Mission

To reduce poverty and injustice by providing high quality services that nurture positive child and youth development, stable families across the life cycle, and thriving communities. 

Our Vision

Caring People Alliance will provide the highest quality services that propel extraordinary achievement in the young, help families build intergenerational wealth, nurture our elders, and create safe, healthy, and vibrant communities. 

Our Core Beliefs

Caring People Alliance believes that in nurturing positive child and youth development, we can encourage family stability. Our belief is that in providing these essential, life-enhancing community services, we not only offer hope and opportunity, but we can strive to help our neighbors thrive. 

As a trusted community resource, we make it our priority to help each family sort through the challenges of everyday life. Through neighborhood-based services, Caring People Alliance is bringing resources and opportunities to economically-challenged, under-resourced communities in Philadelphia.