Scioli Turco

Who is Scioli Turco?

Scioli Turco Inc. is a project of Caring People Alliance and a 501 (c) 4 (not for profit) corporation formed to assist the city in rehabbing properties around the Philadelphia area in order to beautify neighborhoods and restore tax dollars to the city. Scioli Turco is currently working to gain conservatorship of a number of properties in South Philadelphia and Bella Vista with plans to extend their resources into other neighborhoods.

Who can benefit?

Neighbors and non-profit community groups near a blighted property can petition the court to appoint a Conservator. A court-appointed Conservator secures the property, cures all L&I violations, improves the property and markets it via MLS to either developers or potential homeowners. All of this is done with Court oversight and a transparent process. All funding is provided by the Conservator. No taxpayer funds are used.