ELRC Region 18

Early Learning Resource Center (ELRC) for Region 18 is a single point of contact for families, early learning service providers, and communities.

Main Office: 2361-2373 Welsh Road, Philadelphia, PA 19114

Satellite Office: 2816 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19133

Satellite Office: 5548 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19139

Hotline: 888-461-KIDS (5437)


The ELRC provides a one-stop shop for parents to receive information and support for their child care needs. ELRC staff answers questions, help parents find appropriate child care and determine eligibility for Child Care Works. ELRC staff also operate the Keystone STARS child care quality improvement program for Philadelphia and coordinate child care access and programming with Philadelphia PHL Pre-K program and the School District of Philadelphia's Office of Early Childhood Education programs. The ELRC for Region 18 offers greater access to more services, more enhanced early learning support programs, child care needs information and community resources and referral services for families and providers in Philadelphia County. In 2019, we served approx. 38,000 low-income families with early learning for 50,000 children.