Boys & Girls Clubs

Our Boys & Girls Clubs offer after school, summer camp and teen programs for children ages 6–18. Activities include:

● Fitness, sports and recreation

● Arts, from drawing and painting to music and theater

● Homework help and tutoring

● Career development, health and life skills classes

● Character and leadership development

Our kids participate in local, state, regional and national contests and activities.

What is there to do in a Boys & Girls Club?

Here are some of our program offerings:

Keystone Clubs - Ages 14 through 18

Keystoning is the Boys & Girls Club Movement's ultimate teen program. This unique program provides leadership development for youth to participate in activities, both in and out of the Club, in three focus areas:

  1. Academic Success

  2. Career Preparation

  3. Community Service

With the guidance of an adult advisor, Keystone Clubs aim to positively impact teens, their Club, and their local communities.

UPS Road Code - Ages 13 through 18

UPS Road Code is a free national program that educates teens on safe driving techniques. The program is based in part on the driving training that UPS utilizes for its own drivers, which is rated to create the safest drivers in the world.