Our History and Impact

In 1932, Philadelphians Charles Edwin Fox, District Attorney of Philadelphia and one of the founders of the Big Brother (Big Sister) Association of Philadelphia, and philanthropist Samuel S. Fels, brought together leaders in business, social welfare, judges and lawyers and formed the Crime Prevention Association (CPA) to assist youth through educational, vocational, social and recreational programs in cooperation with other agencies. The intent was to help youth affected by the Great Depression to find jobs and to increase their future opportunities and positive alternatives. In 1937, CPA was granted a charter for the first Philadelphia chapter of the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

CPA established numerous clubs throughout Philadelphia where its young members participated in athletic and artistic activities and received counseling. Clubs were located in unused school buildings, church facilities, or donated properties. Over time, CPA’s Board of Directors and its management and employees realized that supporting at-risk youth also meant supporting their families and their communities. This philosophy lead to the development of family-focused community centers, first in South Philadelphia, and later in North Central and West Philadelphia. To offer more specialized services, CPA expanded to other sites, including public schools, where CPA continues to meet a variety of specific needs.

In 2001, our name was changed to Caring People Alliance to more accurately reflect the current scope of our programs and services. The mission of Caring People Alliance is “To reduce poverty and injustice by providing high quality services that nurture positive child and youth development, stable families across the life cycle, and thriving communities."

Today, CPA is one of Philadelphia’s most comprehensive community-based human services organizations, serving over 30,000 children, families and older adults annually at offices and facilities throughout the region. Approximately 300 employees provide services ranging from day care, Boys & Girls Clubs programs, older-adult programs, Child and Adult Care Food Program and the Early Learning Resource Center.