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Meet Isabella!

Meet Isabella- The Caring Paws Companion Animal Of The Month!

Isabella was rescued from P.A.C.C.A. (Philadelphia Animal Care and Control Association) June 2008, with no information only than she was estimated to be 2 years old. She is a lop bunny with her ears flopping down and not standing up straight. As with dogs, there are many breeds of rabbits… 47 are recognized today.



Isabella is a very funny bunny. When she is working, sitting in laps and getting patted, she is wonderful out of her cage and on the job. Nevertheless, she has a very strong territorial personality when she is in her cage. When food is given to her, or for any other reason our hands are in her space, she boxes us with her front paws. This was very surprising when she first displayed this behavior because we were not expecting it. She “grunts” at us too, which is very funny because rabbits NEVER make any sounds. Just putting hay in her cage can start her off complaining that we are in her space. We laugh at her when she begins protecting her cage but if not prepared, she can scare the unsuspecting hand.

Rabbits are very strict herbivores. They can only digest grasses and plants. In Isabella’s stomach, many kind of microorganisms do the digesting for her. Isabella’s favorite treat is bananas. Every day we give her only one dried banana chip, “Good Morning” as she pushes her wiggly nose through the bars of her cage. Loose timothy and compressed alfalfa in the form of pellets are her main diet along with fresh green produce…parsley, collards, spinach, bib lettuce, chard, kale, and carrot tops (carrot bottoms- the orange parts- give rabbits diarrhea).

Isabella is a very big bunny and much care needs to be taken handling her because of her powerful large back feet…the anatomical propeller of a rabbit’s hop. When she is working everyone loves her lop ears but she is especially popular because of her wiggly nose. Do you know why rabbits wiggle their noses? They breathe that way.

Caring Paws Humane Education

Caring Paws Humane Education. The "R" is home to our Caring Paws Zoo that includes a variety of therapy animals including ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs, and even rats! All youth at the "R" have the opportunity to participate in the Caring Paws Humane Education program and learn about animals, from the origins and behaviors of specific species, to how to groom and care for pets, to career opportunities working with animals.

During summer prgrams, Caring Paws Humane Education holds a special "Reading to the Animals" program that helps children in grades 1-3 to improve their reading skills through the non-threatening activity of reading out loud to one of our animals.

Through teaching youth about animals, the Caring Paws Humane Education program strives to foster kindness, compassion and empathy for all human beings. Contact: Jessica Bachrach, Program Coordinator; (215) 763-0900 or  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it