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Child Care Quality and Information Services
Child and Adult Care Food Program

Caring People Alliance is a sponsoring organization of the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP), which is a federal program that provides healthy meals and snacks to children and adults receiving day care. This program plays a vital role in improving the quality of day care and making it more affordable for many low-income families. CACFP reimburses participating centers and day care homes for serving nutritious meals.

Contact: Bonita Taylor, Food Program Coordinator
(215) 545-5230 x 1018 or
or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Child Care Information Services

Child Care Information Services is a comprehensive information source for finding, selecting and paying for child care in Philadelphia. Caring People Alliance operates two CCIS locations that together serve Center City, South, Southwest, and West Philadelphia.  Our Main Office provided eligibility and resource and referral services for families residing in West and Southwest Philadlephia (Zip Codes: 19104, 19131, 19139, 19142, 19143, 19151 and 19153) and offers provider services for the entire service area.  Our Secondary Office in South Philadelphia provide eligibility and resource and referral services for families residing in Center City and South Philadlephia (Zip Codes: 19102, 19103, 19106, 19107, 19112, 19145, 19146, 19147 and 19148). CCIS Resource & Referral Specialists are available to help you find child care anywhere in the city and the surrounding counties. They can provide you with information about child care facilities that offer full-time, part-time, after school, overnight, weekend care or summer camp programs and can explain the different types of child care available to you.

CCIS South and West Philadlephia Main Office
5548 Chestnut Street, 2nd Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19139
Tel.: (215) 382-4762
Fax: (215) 382-1199

CCIS South and West Philadelphia Secondary Office
1500 South Columbus Boulevard, 2nd Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19147
Tel.: (215) 271-0433
Fax: (215) 271-0570