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Serving children and strengthening families has been Caring People Alliance's mission for over 75 years. We empower Philadelphia children and youth to become positive citizens, decision-makers and leaders by providing them, their families and their elders with high quality, community-based programs and services that promote character building, educational achievement, healthy lifestyles and teamwork.

Philly Photo Day 2014
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About Philly Photo Day 2014


On October 10, Caring People Alliance,  and Philadelphia Photo Arts Center (PPAC)  invites everyone to take a picture for inclusion in a vast portrait of Philadelphia from every perspective. This year, every participant’s photograph is included in an online exhibition, an indoor exhibition at the Crane Arts Building, and an outdoor exhibition at the newly renovated Dilworth Park at City Hall.

 PPAC believes that photography is a powerful art form that can change the way we see, experience, and think about the world. Photography is inherently an accessible, democratic medium; it can be done by almost anyone. Philly Photo Day hopes to further this notion by bringing everyone in Philadelphia together to share their unique vision through the medium of photography.


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About the Workshops


On Philly Photo Day, Friday, October 10, 2014 Caring People Alliance, a PPAC community partner organization, invites the people in our community to participate in a workshop with a PPAC visiting artist at all three Caring People Alliance locations

 The visiting artist will engage participants in a conversation about the history of American photography, what elements to consider (such as color, composition and lighting) to take better pictures, and their photographic area of expertise (landscape, portraiture, abstraction). Each participant will be given a camera and asked to join the artist on a ‘photo-walk’ around the area to shoot on site and let the creativity flow! At the end of the workshop, everyone will be invited for a in-depth discussion about what they think makes a photograph great, and decide which image they want to submit for Philly Photo Day 2014. Workshop times and locations can be founsd here